The Baronage

The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the King and Queen in the lands of Marcaster. They are the ruling nobility of the Barony and can hold Baronial Court and give Baronial awards. They serve at the pleasure of Their Majesties. Along with the seneschal, they oversee the Barony.



The Chatelaine or Hospitaller assists new people in getting started in the SCA. He or she also works to improve the public image of the SCA . The chatelaine's demo coordinator schedules educational demos or demos designed to recruit potential new members. The chatelaine's Gold Key volunteer collects loaner costumes for prospective new members to wear when attending their first SCA event. The chatelaine serves as a deputy to the seneschal.

SCA:  THL Annyse Lions Tone

Modern Name: Jacqueline Chandler


The Seneschal is the Barony's legal arm. The Seneschal signs all contracts and makes sure that the Barony is in compliance with all laws - both modern and Society.

SCA: Master Edward de Foxton

Modern Name: Ed Fox


Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoA/S) encourages projects of a crafting nature. This includes fiber arts, cooking, leatherwork, armor making, etc. The MoA/S arranges for classes, keeps track of who is doing what cool thing and finds someone teach others their craft.

SCA: THL Eirik Estridsson 

Modern name: Anthony Chandler


The Marshal oversees all armored combat in the Barony. The marshal or his or her deputy inspects weapons and armor for safety, run weekly fighter practice, and ensure safety during tournaments, battles or fighting demonstrations.

SCA: Lord Snorri í Grœnafjǫllum

Modern: Samuel Updyke



The Office of the Herald From heralding courts, crying fighters onto the Lists, guiding a person towards their exclusive name and armory, or scribes creating amazing pieces of art – everything we do in the Society is touched by heraldry. Heralds are in the unique position to positively affect the medieval pageantry that makes our events so spectacular through education, consultation, and the provision of heraldic services both locally and at Heralds’ Point at kingdom events.

Archery Marshal

Archer Marshal oversees archery-related activities, including archery practice and helping train new archers. The archer marshal serves as a deputy to the knight'smarshal.


The Chronicler is in charge of putting together our local newletter, The Waterspout. You may find and download electronic copies of the Waterspout The Waterspout has interesting articles and “how to” tutorials plus information of a local nature, including both local & Kingdom events.