Herbed chicken baked in saffron cream. 

Foccocia bread.

Salad of mixed greens. 

Honey poppyseed dressing. 

Mushroom tart.

Spinach fritters.

Pear and raspberry cakes. 

Honeyed cream. 


Chia tea. 

Our Baronial Barista will be opening Dagny's Tea Shanty (and coffee too) which will provide tea and coffee through out the day. 

There will be an alternative vegan option for the chicken, and a oil and vinegar dressing if anyone can't have poppyseed. 

There is no lunch available.

Feast - $10 

Your Chefs for this evening are THL Annyse and THL Eirik. 

Please contact us at 309-428-8999 to inquiry about allergies