Martial Activities

Champion of Marcaster (Tourney #2)

Great Weapons only tournament 

Each fight will be 3 rounds, best 2 of 3 advances, re-fight on ties.

Single elimination 

Defender of the Mermaid's Grotto (Tourney #1)

1.) Format will be a timed bear-pit with wounds retained (bear-pit subject to change based on attendance).

2.) Once you are killed you return to the queue and re-enter the lyst with all your limbs returned.

3.) You may kill your opponents quickly if you wish, however the more non-lethal strikes you give your opponents before killing them contributues to their wound count. A non-lethal strike counts as those within our rule set and cannot be doubled (i.e. once legged the limb is considered dead and you cannot give another wound by hitting the foot).

4.) Wound and scar ribbons will be provided for each wound received at the end of each bout. For fun we ask that you wear them in freakish misery for the rest of the day.

5.) Double kills will result in each combatant receiving a scar ribbon and rejoining the queue.

6.) The victor at the end of the tourney will be the combatant with the least of amount of wounds.

Defender of the Caravan (Torchlight)

Any weapon no shields 

20 min Bear pit