The Barony of Marcaster is the Pinellas County branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism‚ a nonprofit, educational organization whose members research and re-create the arts and skills of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
The Barony of Marcaster is located in the Kingdom of Trimaris (most of FL excluding part of the panhandle)

The SCA is a living history group. Members wear the clothing of earlier eras while practicing the arts and activities of earlier times. If you would like to join us in the Current Middle Ages, please visit our Getting Started section.
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Its time again to poll our Barony to find two worthy individuals to become the next Baron and Baroness.  We will be doing this at Res Doceri on August 11, 2018.  

Details on the candidates can be found at the link above.
Click on the candidates names to see their awards in the OP.

The candidates are:
Persons wishing to participate in the polling must meet both of the following criteria:
  1. Must be a paid member of the SCA Inc.
  2. Membership address must be in one of the zip codes assigned to the Barony (including Cantons if applicable) being polled.
Membership and zip codes will be verified at the polling site with the membership list provided by the SCA office of the registrar. If the person wishing to submit polling is not on the membership list provided by the SCA office of the registrar, they must provide acceptable proof of current membership before being permitted to complete a polling form.
A Driver’s License or government picture ID will be required to be shown to prove identity. 

Our Champions are:
  • Defender of the Caravan – Dominic of Narval Dorado
  • Champion of Marcaster – Sir Killian the Bruce
  • Defender of the Mermaid’s Grotto (Rapier) - Master Matthias von Greifsburg
  • Youth Champion - Jay of Marcaster
  • Marcaster Archery Champion – HL Kateryna atte Hagenes
  • Minstral of Marcaster – Lord Miyamoto Toramasa
  • Art Sci Champion – Sir Gõcauo Ramiriç
You all competed with Honor and Grace and we are honored to have you as Our Champions for the next year.
Ring of Chivalry went to Lady Eadaoin inghean Fhuinche. You inspire us all.                                               

Congratulations to Everyone !

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