Largess Derby

Largesse Derby

Join us for the first ever Barony of Marcaster Largesse Derby as we welcome our new Baroness and Baroness.  The largesse you donate will be used during their reign for gift baskets for investitures, coronations and wars, as well as donating some to the Crown. 

Is your mind sparking with ideas for gift baskets?

🔥 Hands burning to make small useful items?

🧨 Is your creativity about to explode from waiting for a derby?

Then this is the event for you to help out your Barony and Kingdom in an artsy way!


Rules for Entry:

All entrants must create 6 items that are suitable for largesse. For example: 6 needlebooks, 6 hats from different (or the same) period, 6 pieces of jewelry, 6 children’s toys. (6 earrings would not be suitable as that is only 3 pairs but we would gladly accept them as prizes).

🎁 Don't want to make a six of something? We are also looking for prizes for entrants. Please contact me (Baroness Annalies) if you need any assistance or would like to donate a prize!!!



Largess Drop Off - Immediately after morning court

Largess Judging – 11:15 am until 3:00 pm


All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition.

Fiber content and ingredients should be listed for any items that contain possible allergens.

Entries do not need to be documentable, as this is not an Arts and Science competition.

Items should not have specific heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to other areas.

Judging for the Populace Choice Award will be done by the “bead in a cup” method.  All entrants will also be considered for the Barony of Marcaster’s Art & Science Champion.

All entrants must register their entries with the organizer at time of competition.


Prize:  The winner will receive one item from each of the entries and a special prize for making our derby awesome! 

(If there are 6 entrants, the winner will receive 6 items. Special prize to be announced...)


If you need ideas for entries, check out the Largesse Makers group on Facebook, or search for SCA Largesse on Pinterest.


Organizer: Baroness Annalies Katerina Schneider

mka Ann Marie Fox or Facebook