Art/Sci Competition

Barony of Marcaster’s Arts and Sciences Competition

There will be a Baronial Arts and Sciences competition at Long Nights to choose the next the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion. Anyone can enter.  No documentation required.  Please come and share your amazing talents. 

Their Excellencies will select their favorite entry and award that person the title of Barony of Marcaster's Art Sci Champion

Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Barional Arts and Sciences Champion do?

There are no set job requirements for the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion and no set responsibilities.  Generally, the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion is encouraged to be a cheerleader for arts and sciences in the Barony.  How the champion choses to do that is up to the individual. 


Who can enter?

Anyone can enter!  You do not have to qualify by having a certain award or winning a prior competition.  You do not have to have a degree in your art or be a master of your craft.


What is the process?

First decide what you would like to enter.  It can be something you have created that year or will create before the competition. 


What should I expect on the day of the tourney?

Try to arrive at the event with plenty of time to check in and set up your display.  Check in with the competition coordinator.  Go to your table and set up.  You are encouraged to stay around your display to answer questions from the populace about your project.  At the afternoon court, the winner will be announced. 


What should a good display look like?

A display is very personal to each person.  A cloth to cover your table makes it look more professional.  You may want to have your raw materials, tools, steps of your project, photos, and books you relied on. Interactive things for those walking by is nice to have.  Of course, most important is your project.



Set-Up - Immediately after morning court

Judging – At their Excellencies discretion between 11:15 am until 3:00 pm

All entrants must register their entries with the organizer at time of competition.

If you also want to enter the Largesse Derby, you can use one entry for the Arts and Sciences Competition. 


Prize:  The winner will receive the title of Barony of Marcaster’s Art Sci Campion and a special prize! 


Organizer: Baroness Annalies Katerina Schneider

mka Ann Marie Fox or Facebook