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TAD Schedule


 4 pm     Gate opens
                Set up of personal camp sites
                Range may be open pending weather and lighting - TBD
                Singing, Bardic and hanging with Friends in the Back 40. (Feast hall is NOT be available for use)

10 pm     Gate closes


 7am Gate opens
 9am Shoot starts :   Rescue the Bride
                                        Get her a Ring
                                        Travel to the Wedding Lands
                                        Celebrate with a Carnival

(Shoot, shoot, Thrown Weapons, shoot some more)

11 am         Gate Closes

Noonish - Lunch/munchies will be available ( Cash Donations accepted)

 4 pm Range closes

 5 pm        Non SCA sanctioned Wedding on site at the Amphitheatre (everyone invited to attend)
 6 pm        Dinner on your own
 7 pm        Non SCA sanctioned Wedding reception (everyone invited to attend at the Feast Hall)


10 am       Site closes.
                  If you are still here, Thank you for helping clean up

It is going to be Chilly at night, bring warm clothing/cloaks