Reservations and Fees

Lady Eadoin Inghean Fhuinche

Jade Premer
6350 23rd lane north
St Petersburg, FL 33702


Make checks payable to “SCA Inc. - Kingdom of Trimaris
  • Include the following:
    • driver’s license number
    • length of stay
    • cabin or tent
    • feast if desired
    • copy of SCA membership card, if applicable
Trimaris EPay opens April 15, 2018 at 9:00AM.  
Anouncement for TMT FIGHTERS please pay heed!

The camp has recently repainted the gym.
Please bring proper foot wear to fight on painted concrete.

His Majesty has made a dispensation for non period foot wear due to this issue.

No cleats are allowed. Please have a towel for your shoes to be sure they are clean and dry before each fight.

This is Per the camp. No exception can be made.
Thank you.

Site Fees
  • Day Trip: $25
  • One Night: $30
  • 2 Nights: $35
  • Full weekend (3 nights): $40
  • Members receive a $5 discount
  • Children 17 and under are free (sites fees only)
  • All children MUST be accompanied by their LEGAL GUARDIAN OR REPRESENTATIVE WITH NOTARIZED FORM (Florida Waiver Form)
Minor / Children Information
  • All persons under the age of eighteen (18) attending Society events must do so in the company of their parents, legal guardians or parental representatives. Parental representatives must be in possession of a notarized waiver to be left with reservation during check-in on site.
  • The parent or legal guardian of any minor attending a society event must complete such paperwork as the Kingdom Seneschal deems necessary. Such paperwork must be notarized
  • Any minor, 11 years of age or younger, must have on his or her person at all times while attending any Society event both his or her legal name and both the legal and SCA names of the parent or other responsible adult at the event.
  • Children four (4) and under should not be left unsupervised by the parent/legal guardian at SCA functions, even at planned children's activities.
  • With exception for impairment, a "Sight and Sound" rule is in effect at all SCA functions. Generally, this states that children ages 11 and under should be in eyesight/earshot of the parent or a designated adult of teenager (as determined by the parent).
    • As a guideline, it is suggested that children in this age range are in the care of an adult besides the parent/guardian (designated babysitter, attending activities, etc.), the children should be checked on periodically by the parent/guardian to ensure their safety and suitable behavior.
    • Common sense in effect regarding the “sight and sound” rule. Children need not be in direct sight while engaged in certain activities (ie: in restroom stalls or sleeping in a tent with only one egress.)
  • Children under the age of fifteen are not considered suitable babysitters for younger children.
  • Curfew, unless otherwise dictated by site guidelines, for children 12 and under is 10pm and for those 13 – 17, it is 1am.
    • During the curfew hours, children should be in their camp with a supervising, responsible adult or caregiver.
  • Additional information: Trimaris Youth Information
Proper Attire and Dress
  • The SCA is not a Renaissance fair.  All attendees are expected to wear appropriate garb from the 16th century (1500s) or before. Garb arrangements can be made in advance for new people who would like to attend but have no clothing.  Nobody will be allowed on site ungarbed to accommodate the atmosphere of the event.
Meal Prices
  • Saturday breakfast and feast: $15
  • Sunday breakfast and feast: $15
  • Also included is Friday night (travelers fare).
  • Lunch not included, there will be a fundraising lunch Saturday and Sunday
Lodging Prices
  • Lower Lodge Bunk: $25
  • Lower Cabin Bunk: $20 
  • Upper Lodge Bunk: $20 
  • Upper Cabin Bunk: $15
  • Tenting: Free
  • (All prices are for the whole weekend)
  • NOTE: All bunks MUST be pre-reserved.  No bunks will be sold at the gate.
Merchant Prices
  • No merchant fees (More info can be obtained here: Merchant Info)
Additional Information
  • Space and feast are available on a first come, first served basis.