Additional Late Info!

Flowers of Trimaris Tournament
This weekend due to the likelihood of Crown Lyst going long and the likelihood that the weather will be difficult, the Flowers of Trimaris will be collecting donations for Her Majesty as we always do, but there will be no Tournament.  We are encouraging those that would wish to fight pick-ups for the honor of a Rose come and do so while we host a Tea in honor of Her Majesty and welcoming Her Highness.

From your Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Finnguala;
ATTENTION all fighters and consorts intending to enter Crown Lyst at TMT
In an attempt to combat long lines Saturday morning I am asking all potential combatants who are on site Friday night to please come to the feast hall to show proof of membership for both yourself and your consort.  Doing this will allow you to proceed directly to the Lyst Mistress on Saturday morning. 
Those who will not be on site until Saturday must see a member of my staff to provide proof of membership for both parties before proceeding to the Lyst Mistress. We will be set up field-side with multiple staff members to accommodate the volume of people expected.

From the Kingdom Constable: 
Just a reminder there is no parking in front of any of the cabins or lodges. This is to allow for emergency vehicles and possibly tow trucks down those access roads to assist with emergencies and/or stuck vehicles. Cars need to be unloaded and then moved to the parking lot. Towing will be enforced at this event. Please be polite to your fellow attendees and unload and move as it is likely to be raining and lots of people will need to get into the cabin areas. If you have questions please im or email me. thank you Miyamoto Toramasa, Kingdom Constable, Trimaris

From His Majesty:
There is a dispensation from the Crown that non-period shoes will be allowed in Crown, no cleats, bring a towel to keep your feet and the floor dry.

From the Autocrat:
The camp has recently repainted the gym. Please bring proper foot wear to fight on painted concrete.  His Majesty has made a dispensation for non period foot wear due to this issue. No cleats are allowed.  Please have a towel for your shoes to be sure they are clean and dry before each fight. This is Per the camp. No exception can be made.

From the Kingdom Constable:
For those who are tenting at TMT please listen to the heralds in case the weather changes for the worse. If you need help getting your tent down or things moved please do not wait to the last min. However, if you need help please find someone with a radio and have them contact the constable and we will try to do what we can to assist you. Everyone else if you notice a tent flooding please find some one with a radio so that we can let them know and be willing to lend a hand to them if possible.. Thank you in advance. 

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