Photo Contest

Photo Contest

From cave paintings to watercolors, artists for millennia have been trying to convey a faraway scene, a mood, or a moment in time.  

In the tradition of the SCA to encourage art and artists, I am sponsoring a photo contest.

The idea is to best interpret the theme of the contest.  

It can be funny, serious, or abstract.

Everybody has a camera, and we all look at the world differently.  

SCA or medieval themed would be better, but not required.

The display will be at the art expo and go hand in hand with the theme of the crown list expo.  

That theme is BOOKS.  

A picture of a book, a person reading, fighters using books as weapons, or just even a page from your favorite book.  

I’m sure there is a photographer in everybody.

The rules are simple: 1 4x6 entry per person, with their name on the back (so we can’t tell whose it is).  There are no age divisions, our youth can operate their phones better than us. It has to be printed, For one hour printing Walmart is $.25, Walgreen and CVS are $.33 and there are many places that you can upload them and they will ship to you.  There are kiosks available that will let you print from Facebook or even your phone. So it's really easy.

There will be populous voting and a prize for the best picture.  If there is a lot of interest, maybe we will even do this again.

In service to the dream,

Tristrum de Kerjean

Jared Bluestein