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Baronial Polling

The Baronial Polling

We have the honor of voting to elect the next Baron(ess) and Baron(ess) at Res Doceri/TRU this August 11th, 2018. 

We have 6 Candidates (3 pairs) to choose from. These are their Letters of Intent.

Absentee Ballot Information

Unto their Excellencies of our home Marcaster, Antonitis and Bryennissa,  do Master Tomas mac Odhrain and Mistress Genavieve le Faye send fair winds and these greetings on the 18thday of April, AS 52, 2018 ce. 
We, your citizens Tomas and Genavieve hereby apply and entreat Your Excellencies that we may stand for election to the Coronets,

Master Tomas mac Odhrain, mka Thomas Mitchell, has been a loyal and steadfast subject for 25 years, and has held many offices in that time, among these have been as Trimaris’ Court Herald, Rapier Marshal, Rapier General, Kingdom Constable, Seneschal of your Barony of Wyvernwoode.  He was part of the Trimarian Army at Gulf Wars I, and seven time Baroness' Blade.
 He is a Master of the Pelican, a Companion of the White Scarf, and a Sergeant of the Guard.  His persona is Hiberno-Norse, circa 870

Mistress Genavieve le Faye, mka Evette Hallett, has been a loyal subject for 17 years, is presently Seneschal of your Barony of Marcaster.  
Her persona is Anglo-Saxon.
We are both sustaining members  of the SCA.
We have passed and registered our names and devices.   We have each attended many Gulf Wars (Tomas, all but 3) and the Pennsic Wars, and see no impediment to attending Gulf Wars in the future.
We are both mundanely employed full time, have weekends off, and can otherwise meet the requisite obligations. 
 We pray that You find us worthy.
Yours, in service to Trimaris and the Dream,
 Master Tomas mac Odhrain OP, OGT, CWST, OTT                              
         Mistress Genavieve le Faye, OP, OTT

Unto their Majesties Baldar and Brithwynn, their Excellencies, Antonitus and Bryennissa, and the Seneschal of Trimaris, Mistress Finnguala inghean Alusdair, OP OL , do we, Mistress Caitriona and Lady Serena, send greetings for the purpose of announcement of our willingness and eligibility to accept the titles and responsibilities of the seats of Baroness and Baroness of this great barony.

We have both enjoyed serving the Barony over the last 10 years in diverse roles including exchequer (each of us at difference times), chart signet (Caitriona), Deputy Marshal (Serena) and general assistance in various other projects.   Caitriona has also served as Kingdom Exchequer and a Deputy Society Exchequer. Serena served as the NMR Deputy for the Kingdom Exchequers office.

It would be our honor and delight to be granted the opportunity to serve the Barony of Marcaster as its representatives to the Crown, and we hope that you might give us that opportunity.

Mistress Caitriona Meehan O.P.

Lady Serena Shieldbreaker

Unto Their Excellencies of the Great Barony of Marcaster, Antonitus and Bryennissa: Do we, Lady Eadaoin inghen Fhuinche and Honorable Lord Tristrum de Kerjean send our humble intent to be considered as suitable candidates to be the successors of the Baronial Thrones of Marcaster. We submit the following for consideration by The Crown, Your Excellencies, The Baronial Seneschal and The Kingdom Seneschal to speak to our qualifications regarding the honor of the opportunity for candidacy.

Lady Eadaoin inghen Fhuinche (Jade) has also been an active and paid member, serving the Barony and Kingdom since AS 47. Eadaoin has served Marcaster as Herald, Voice Herald and is currently Exchequer. She has illuminated many scrolls for both the Barony and the Kingdom and has made garb not only for herself but for others as well. At events, Eadaoin has run Registration and Gate and has helped clean kitchens and halls after feasts.
Awards received by Eadaoin: Baronial: Order of the Golden Citadel, Order of the Golden Well (twice) and the Ring of Chivalry. Kingdom: Order of the Argent Palm, Order of the Argent Scale, and Award of Arms.

HL Tristrum de Kerjean has been a member from AS 23-29 where he was involved with the Shire of Sangre Del Sol, participating in many events and demos. He was also a deputy seneschal of Sangre Del Sol during AS 27 and 28. Returning to Trimaris in AS 44 he has provided photography for over 100 events, revels and demos. He has held the positions of Seneschal and Chamberlain for Marcaster and participated in many local events as gate, kitchen, serving, hall steward and sanitation, along with being site herald and gate at kingdom events. 
 Awards received by Tristrum: Baronial: Order of the Golden Well, Order of the Golden Citadel, and the Ring of Chivalry. Kingdom: Order of the Argent Palm, Order of the Argent Estoile, Award of Arms, Grant of Arms. In addition he has been active in the Barony of Wyvernwoode and received a Wyverns Scale and Ring of Chivalry. 

≈ Along with the volunteer positions held and awards received, we feel our backgrounds, capabilities and experience allows us to serve with the best interest of the Barony in mind. Our diverse interests in the SCA and our love of Marcaster is one that looks forward to seeing the barony grow, enticing new members to feel comfortable joining us and relighting the fire of old and current members. We are committed to service in the SCA and as such are both protégé to Melisande Aubrey d'Anjou also known as Gryfn. We have the time, want and desire to serve our Barony, to the best of our ability as the Baroness and Baron.
 In service to the Dream, Vivat Trimaris, Laude Marcaster 
Lady Eadaoin inghen Fhuinche
HL Tristrum de Kerjean
Coronets Barony of Marcaster,
Jun 26, 2018, 5:28 PM