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A Long Nights Journey

The Barony of Marcaster presents

A Long Nights Journey - The Caravan Returns

Welcome It has been a very Long Night, during which we have been separated from our friends and brothers/sisters in arms from plaque.  But The Caravan Returns to end our solitude.  Come join the Barony of Marcaster as we come together to fight, dance, do art projects and shop. 

The event will be held December 4, 2021 at the Palm Lake Christian Church, 5401 22nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL  33710.  Registration: $15 Member Discount $5 Under 17 free.  Merchants Welcome.  

Online Registration is now open at http://epay.trimaris.org/trimaris/

Fighting:  We will be holding four tournaments, Defender of the Caravan, (Heavy Weapons) Champion of Marcaster, the Defender of the Mermaids Grotto (Rapier) and a Youth Tournament.  End of the day may include melees and pick up bouts, as time permits. 

The Champion of Marcaster is going to be a Knuckle Bones Tournament.  Over the next month you have the time to authorize in additional weapons styles.  It’s a great time to show off your martial arts skills.  So what weapons should you bring?  If it kills, bring it.  (10am to 3pm).

Archery:  We will provide All of the equipment and targets. SO FAR I can tell you we are working on a nerf competition.   Archery tournament will be held in the list area.

Arts/Sci Faire:  It has been a long night and we know that many gentles have been working on art/sci projects.  Now is the time to present these projects for all to admire.  We will have a bean count set up so that you can “tell” the artisans how good their work is, or you can leave them largess, just saying.  (10am to 3pm).

Bardic:  We are asking anyone who likes to perform to take the stage.  Please come, add your voice and talent to the day’s activities (10am to 1pm sign up.  Performance from 1pm to 3pm).  We are also hosting a haiku competition for His Excellency, Baron Tristrum.  Present your Haiku to Their Excellences throughout the day and then perform it for the populace at the Bardic Stage (1pm to 3pm). 

Helpful Link:  https://youtu.be/ZQQmv38Xgt0  approximately 2.5 minutes long.

Baronesses Challenge:  Her Excellency would like to recognize the gentles that help create and who embody the dream and principals of the SCA.  She will be looking for volunteers, who participate in a variety of event activities and for those who are well rounded Scadians.  So participate in the Haiku contest, fighting, archery, and the ART/SCI activities to win her favor.  The more you enter the better.  

Silent Auction:  Have you accumulated too many SCA treasures?  Is your tourney box too full?   Do not fret, you can donate items to our silent auction.  Simply bring the items to the event, fill out a simple bid sheet and let the fun begin.  Payment for all winning bids are due at the end of the auction.  Payment for items will be between 2:30 and 3:00 pm. Proceeds from the auction will be given to the Marcaster General Fund.  So far we have a couple of books and a pattern for a Tudor costume.  (10am to 3pm).   Simplicity Andrea Schewe Pattern 3782 Misses Elizabethan Costume Dresses Sizes 6-8-10-12

Best Dressed Plague Plushy:  Please bring your favorite stuffed animal dressed in a medieval outfit.  We will have limited supplies on hand to dress a plushy at the event, if you don’t have the time to do so before the event.  Any plushy of unusual size will be put in a category of their own.  (10am to 3pm).

Rock the Caravan:  We found our journey rather bumpy, with many stones in our way.  So we decided to paint them.  Our rock painting station will have supplies so that you too can paint a rock.  (10am to 3pm)

Youth Hunting Party:  We have lost control of our camel population and are asking our children to help round them up.  Recovered camels will be rewarded/traded for treasures untold.  (time).

Court is tentatively set for 5pm after all other activities have ended.  Please bring chairs to the Hall to hear our Excellency’s and see your friends as they receive the awards and honors that they so dearly deserve.

Clean up will follow court.  Site closes at 6pm-ish.  We will be sorry to see you leave, so even through it is not formally a part of the event we hope that you will join us for dinner.  TBD that day.

Merchants are welcome.  No fee.  Please bring you own tables, chairs, and shade.  We have a very limited number of trees.  So far Calontir Trim is expected to be in attendance.  

Coffee Bar will be set up in the Hall.  Provided it is allowed.  With Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Water will be available.  According to the guidance we have on serving beverages, we are asking everyone to BYO Vessels or Cups.  

Lunch will not be available on site despite our efforts to hire a food truck.  So please bring a picnic lunch.  (Lunch break 12pm to 1 pm).

BOD Covid Mandates:  Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Volunteers:  Remember that it is our turn to present a good event to all gentles who attend, to that end please volunteer some of your time to the various activities outlined below.  May hands make light work after all.  Here is a list of volunteers needed to make our event a success, so if you like to help out please volunteer to the autocrats:

Set Up and Breakdown.  Very important that we put up the Baronial Pavilion, set up for activities, have signs, set up list, set up bardic area etc.  This should take an hour if we have many people helping.

Main Hall set up includes, the Art/Sci Faire, Silent Auction, Craft Tables for Rock Painting and Plushies.  

Camel Hunt – help hide camels and give out prizes in the afternoon.  

Barista – Set up Coffee Bar.  Make a pot of coffee, a pot of hot water, set out sweeteners, tea, and hot chocolate packets.  Midway through the day see if we need another pot of coffee.  This is a most important job.  

Last but not least we need someone to be available to hand out loaner garb, as Annyse is an autocrat and may be tending to other activities.   

All updates to the event will be posted on the Barony of Marcaster’s webpage/Facebook.  All volunteers will be rewarded with chocolate.  Can’t wait to see everyone again when the Caravan Returns.  

Autocrats:  THL Eirik Estridsson and THL Annyse Lionstone, aka Tony and Jacque Chandler, 105 Dunbridge Drive, Palm Harbor, Florida, 34684.  309-428-8999. Archandler2001@yahoo.com

Registrar:  Michele Smith-Martin, 2050 Rainbow Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33765-3636.  Exchequer@marcaster.com

Registration Link:  http://epay.trimaris.org/trimaris/

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