Long Nights Schedule

4:00 PMSite & Registration opensPorch
7:00 PMHeavy Inspection for Torchlight TourneyPorch
7:30 PMTravelers FareFeast Hall
8:00 PMDefender of the Caravan - Torchlight TourneyPorch
7:30 AMSir Severin's Gaming TavernFeast Hall
midnightRegistration closesPorch
7:00 AMRegistration opensPorch
8:00 AMBreakfastFeast Hall
9:00 AMHeavy armor inspectionsTourney Field
9:00 AMField Games open (available throuhout day)Fieldside
9:00 AMArt/Sci setupFieldside
10:00 AMChampion of Marcaster (heavy weapons tourney)Tourney Field
10:00 AMArchery Range OpensRange
11:00 AMRapier armor inspectionsTourney Field
11:00 AMMinstrel of Marcaster competitionBaronial pavilion
11:30 AMDefender of the Mermaid's Grotto (Rapier Champion Tourney)Tourney Field
12:30 PMLunch fundraiser (to benefit scribes)Fieldside
1:00 PMRegistration closesPorch
1:00 PMArt/Sci pickupFieldside
1:00 PMYouth Combat TourneyTourney Field
1:30 PMBayeaux Tapestry stitch (taught by Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain)Fieldside
2:00 PMArchery Champion TourneyRange
3:00 PMDance Class (taught by Lady Hannah & Inez)Feast Hall
3:00 PMField Games closeFieldside
4:00 PMArchery Range ClosesRange
4:00 PMCourt BusinessFront cabin
5:00 PMCourtFeast Hall
6:30 PMFeastFeast Hall
post feastSCA-TV: Trimaris's Got TalentFeast Hall
10:00 AMSite ClosesEverywhere