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Caravan to War - (a Long Nights event)

There is war at the Castle and you and your troops have been called back home from the Orient.   Make your stays at the caravanserai brief, and proceed to meet us on December 7, 2019 field side where you will help defend the castle and participate in Kingdom War Games.

The hordes of enemies have already overrun our glorious fields in the north.  We have had to retreat to a safer location to pitch our battles and make ready our armies.  Since we expect an easy victory due to the excellence of Trimarian troops, this is a SINGLE DAY event.

Tentative Planned Event for the battle site:

Defender of the Caravan tourney:  On your way back, your caravan has been attacked and you must defend the citizens traveling with you. Make haste though since you are needed for critical battles, not taking care of common thieves. 
    (stay tuned for Heavy weapons, tourney format)

Champion of Marcaster tourney:  The bridges to our castles must be defended, brave the villainous hordes and be declared our Champion.  
    (stay tuned for Heavy weapons tourney format)

Defender of the Mermaid’s Grotto tourney:  Our ship, "The Grotto" is under attack.  A nimble band of Rapier Fighters are need to board and retake the ship.  This will be a Musketeer Tourney and the team captain or MVP from the top 2 teams will fight for the honor of defending the Baroness of Marcaster for the next year.

Best Banner of the Arts:  Our Champion of the Arts will be determined by the Best Banner brought and displayed at the event.  Bring your best heraldic displays and/or make one in our Banner Making Class that will be held during the fighting.   Fly your banners high! 

    Silk Banner Making:  Learn to make your own banner.  (Details to come.)
    (stay tuned for more)

Evening Court:
    Court will be held in the hall, and after court there will be a Cookie social.  Everybody is welcome to bring some cookies to share or you can stay and partake in the cookies provided by the Barony.  Extra cookies will be sent home with people so we can still fit in our Castle.
    Cookies, Coffee and Tea will be provided.

General Notes:
  • Please note, that while we understand that in War alcoholic beverages help the troops, THIS IS A COMPLETELY DRY SITE. They were very specific in our contract that alcohol is not allowed.  

Schedule to be posted!