Monthly Class

Each Month the Barony hosts a craft night/classes. The topics vary per month and include such topics as Embroidery, weaving, sewing/garb making, fabric dyeing, armor making and repair, sword making, brewing and silk banner making.  

Archery Practice

There is periodic free, non-garbed SCA - Wyvnerwoode - Marcaster Baronial Archery Practice. SCA Archery rules and equipment must be followed and used.


Fighter Practice

Fighter Practice is held at
101 Central Park Dr, Largo, Florida 33771
"Largo Central Park" on Saturdays, if there is not a Kingdom Event or Local Event happening. It runs from noon untill we are done, usually before 4 pm.

Third parking lot, follow it straight back, there is a clearing almost straight back.
Alternative spot for days where the park has an event is the Dog Park....
Take a right leaving the Largo Park, going east on East Bay. About two miles down on the left hand side. 
When we have to switch sites or you don't see anybody you can check for updates on our facebook page "Marcaster Fighter Practice"

Largo Central Park Fighter Practice

Largo central Park map courtesy of Largo Central Park Website


Largo Central Park